If you're looking for webspace, you've come to the right place! :3c

Listed below are types of sites I've hosted, either in the past or currently. Keep in mind that these aren't the only kinds of sites I'm willing to host, but they've just been the most common!
Online trading card games
TCG trading posts
Art hubs & blogs
WordPress blogs
Fanlistings & collectives
Personal web portals & portfolios
If you're planning a project that you don't see on the list above, feel free to send a form anyway and I'll respond (with an almost guaranteed yes). At present, you can choose from two domains for hosting:, and my new one, In terms of a hosting package, you can expect the following for every subdomain hosted by me:
Unlimited webspace
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited mySQL databases
A local or email addresses (or alternatively, a redirect email for your personal inbox)
One-click installations for these scripts & platforms
Support for these languages & scripts
In other words, you have virtually unlimited space to do with what you will! As I've often gotten questions in the past about hosting space and limitations, hopefully this will clear up any concerns in that area. In addition, I also provide support through email, and will accommodate users with no experience as well as those with extensive experience. The only catch here is that I don't assume all new hostees need assistance, so please simply ask me for a hand and I'll do quite literally everything I can for you to help setting up your webspace a breeze. <3

Please fully fill out the form below, and give me a few days to get back to you. Be sure to use a working email address, because I'll be passing sensitive information to you (i.e., your FTP information) through email correspondence only.

Your name or nickname
Your email address
Your desired URL (i.e., or
Please describe what you'll be using your webspace for, along with anything else you want or need me to know, such as your experience, familiarity, or fielding any general questions!
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